Pillow Pooh

Textile sculptures, hologram projections


“Pillow Pooh” is a system in which (textile) bodies and extremities meet in constantly new variations, they are found in ensembles, in installations, in moving images and interventions. They are figurative bodies and moving forms, made of originally textile material, which can be found in the exhibition space. They symbolize an intervention that brings restlessness, movement, and a strangeness to the system into a seemingly fixed structure. The textile figures that one encounters in the exhibition are emblematic of this intervention and show references to Michel Serre’s theory of the parasite in shape, form and content. The parasites are sewn from used laundry fabrics, bed sheets, pillowcases or comforter covers. They are survivors of everyday life, which by their existence will challenge rooms and bring them into a new order. Their form was deliberately designed from a context of intimacy and familiarity. The finished figures were animated and arranged as 3D models in different augmented reality scenes. Additionally they were projected as holographic fan projections and thus became an integral part of the installation.

About Achim Robert Kirsch


Achim Kirsch’s artistic focus lies on performative multimedia installations with a distinct relation to the moving image (animation).
2019 Master of Fine Arts / Performative Installation
2018 Lectureship in the Department of Fine Arts at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel.
2017 Bachelor Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel, focus on film and illustration.
2015 Teaching position for drawing, animated film and urban interventions at the Akademie Artig
2014 Artistic director at the art-therapeutic project “Sichtweise” of the Kämgen Foundation
2014 Lectureship for art education/animated film at the University of Cologne
2013 Studies at the Alanushochschule Alfter and Ecosign Cologne free art / sculpture.
2013 Lecturer for Aesthetic Strategies at the University of Cologne / Monday Foundation
since 2011 art teacher and lecturer in Dormagen, Cologne, Kiel and Bredstedt and Eckernförde
since 2008 lecturer at the Cologne Institute for Cultural Work and Further Education, KIK for Basics of Drawing Techniques, Experimental Printing Techniques, Design Strategy and Animated Film
freelance animated film productions for the “Sendung mit der Maus”, WDR, among others
permanent exhibition activity in the gallery artclub Melchiorstraße 14
since 2003 freelance animator, animated film artist and director for various film and animated film projects
2002 advanced training program at the international film school Cologne in the field of animation
2000 studies at the KHM, Academy of Media Arts, Image and Movement –
with Prof. Michael Graham-Smith