Circle me

Wheel of fortune, screen, projection


A person swings a brush in a circle. The movement is captured and projected onto a round disc with the help of a beamer. This disc can be rotated by the visitors as a wheel of fortune. During this time, the person (is it a woman? is it a man?) paints a circle, the edge of which is lost in the edge of the rotating disc. The circle remains visible only on the canvas behind the disc. What is the work here, who is the author, which movement is connected to what? Or does everything turn in a circle?

About the Institut für Inszenierung


We are Sabine Reibeholz and Marc von Reth.
Together we form the artist duo INS – Institut für Inszenierung (since 2019) and in this connection we bundle our experience and our competence as visual artists, story-tellers, communication designers, stylists, authors, directors and image makers.

This interdisciplinary symbiosis not only benefits our art, but also allows us to tell unheard stories, test experimental formats and achieve magical results. What we offer is all of one piece, thought out as a total work of art by two minds, hot forged ideas, immersive experience or artistic concept. Art is always an adventure playground, too.

Marc von Reth
working as a freelance artist since 2019
Has been a freelance director, dramaturge and author e.g.: Bayer Kultur, Stadttheater Lübeck, Landestheater Coburg.
Studied Dramaturgy, Modern German Literature and History of Art at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding / LMU Munich, Degree: Diploma

Sabine Reibeholz
since 2019 working as a freelance artist
Has been an art director, designer and gallery assistant, permanent and freelance
She studied Visual Communication FH Aachen, Degree: Diploma with Wilhelm Schürmann and Siegfried Ijewski