Xontrector, metal cube, black light spotlight, screen, X-Suits, Xeroboots, film 1:40


Xi-1000y-Q is a gloomy vision of the future which is set in the sci-fi genre. In the future, people will have to be regularly ventilated, because the catastrophes and environmental events that have happened so far have made the world uninhabitable for humans and other beings that need oxygen. However, the very people who could not afford to emigrate to Mars have stayed behind on Earth and are kept alive artificially by a large Tec company of the future. Fiona is an avatar that Saskia Kaiser modeled in the 3D program Blender. Through the program Faceware it was possible to map a video she took of herself to the face of her avatar. So that instead of her own face, it speaks the text that she has written:

“I cannot live in a world where I have no oxygen. 2312, Man has learned to get along with less. He had to, because the world has changed. Our ancestors made sure that the oxygen level in the air was very low, so low that we needed help. Help to breathe, to live, to exist. I am Fiona, I am the Ai of Xi-1000y-Q. We have managed to extract oxygen from metamorphic rock using a black light reacting substance and a top secret transcending atmosphere process. Carabonate and silicate minerals are filtered through Xi-, the compound of plastic and rock. Xi- is the amount of oxygen we extract per minute through the process. Through Xi-1000y-Q, it is possible to continue to inhabit the planet Earth. Through a cooperation with the Transnational Foundation we can offer you a daily use 24 hours a day of our Xi-1000y-Q for the price of 300 oq. My name is Fiona and thank you for your attention. If you have any further questions, please contact the cooperating Ai or people in the field. Thank you.”

About Saskia Tamara Kaiser


Saskia Tamara Kaiser is a graphic and object designer, glass finisher with a focus on stained glass and art glazing, has a bachelor’s degree in free art glass from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and has been studying at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in the class of Gregor Schneider since 2019.