dining room

Stop motion, projection on the floor, sound, 2:33 min


The animation is an analogue stop motion. In this animation, the everyday beauty of the world we live in is revealed. The environment is shown from a different angle, a different perspective, which makes us aware of what has always been in front of us. Shoji Matsumoto’s work deals with everyday live and search.  The nature that surrounds us is beautiful.  It’s a poetic message to preserve nature and life around us through observation.

The projection of my animation is also an enlargment of the existence in daily live, into something which is not only human, which like us is surrounded every day by something beautiful, something fragile, something to be protected and cared for.

About Shoji Matsumoto

Shoji Matsumoto lives and works in Bremen. He is a Fine Art student who is trying to keep track on the daily life by records in a picture diary. Through his practical approach with the medium such as drawing, painting, object, installation and video, He would like to explore and discover a diverse interpretation of our time.