Liminal Beings

Carpet, bench, projection 11:44


“Liminal Beings” is an experimental short film shot in a game engine. Liminal beings are those who do not easily fit into a single category of existence. This film takes a detailed look at eleven different homes of liminal beings that exist between contemporary nomadism and urban homelessness.
Home is a concept that goes beyond the traditional meaning of a physical dwelling. For nomads, a home is an inhabitable land rather than a fixed structure. A nomadic home is associated with a sense of mobility and freedom rather than a specific address or set of possessions. Today’s nomadic groups have eagerly embraced modernity. These “techno-nomads” use the latest gadgets and technologies to become self-sufficient in clean energy and maintain their connection to the outside world without abandoning their nomadic lifestyle.
As urbanization and economic pressures continue to increase, the traditional notion of home is becoming increasingly difficult for many people. This has led to a poverty-induced re-nomadization of sedentary people, especially in hyperurbanized areas. Many “re-nomads” in urban areas are forced to adapt and move freely in places such as parking lots, under bridges, and between highways.

film still

About Shuree Sarantuya


Shuree Sarantuya is an artist and activist living in Cologne since 2019. She was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After completing her bachelor’s degree with a focus on film and broadcasting director in 2016 at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, she is currently studying media arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Most of her work deals with ethnic minorities, the last nomadic tribes and indigenous peoples in North, East, and Central Asia. Her work is based on extensive research that leads into an experimental practice in which she uses diverse media to depict the constant transition/migration of a nomadic household to a settled lifestyle due to the demands of the current capitalist system.