Jäger und Sammler (hunter and gatherer)

Film, 1:42, Screen, drawings, nylon threads, magnets


In the work “Jäger und Sammler” (hunters and gatherers), the influence/use of new technologies in hunting and foraging becomes a theme. Cybernetics (κυβερνητικός kybernetikos “helmsmanlike”) plays a central role here, because the tools used, VR goggles and the drone controlled by them, symbolically show the communication between man and machine. It becomes apparent that the human/hunter does not communicate unilaterally with the drone by controlling it. Instead, it allows him other perspectives on nature and on the world to which he reacts. A moment similar to intoxication or trance arises, which stimulates associations / fantasies of archaic hunting methods and a relationship with nature that is alien to civilized man. The technological tools become a medium, as well as a filter, between man and nature.
For the 400 watercolour paintings, mineral pigments were made from various natural stones, such as travertine, sandstone, limestone, coal and other natural stones.

film still

About Valo Valentino Berndt



Valo Valentino Berndt is a Mexican-German artist based in Stuttgart, DE. His artistic practice bridges the areas between art, sound, cybernetics, environment and cultural history.