Seating landscape, projection, sound


Since the beginning of this year, Ylvis Lindenbaum has been process-orientedly  recording ideas for pictures in his sketchbook, which he encounters every day in analog and digital world of images. Observations of nature as well as encounters in urban space or discoveries in social media often manifest themselves emblematically on the pages of the book. These image sequences usually ambivalently trace the tension between abstraction and figuration. The essence of the original pictorial impulse is often not reflected at all in the final result of the work; yet each intermediate step remains pictorially decisive, because the painterly revisions remain inscribed in the book page. Thus petals become crescents, while the informel of a circular geometry can form the sun. Like this, little by little, the picture becomes an image through the accumulation of painterly decisions visible as revisions. As a pictorial fiction, however, this also creates a pictorial narrative that remains unsolved as a frozen present.

For this reason, he transfers the analog book pages into virtual space, creates an image setting for them, and animates them to trace the untold narrative of the pictorial fiction.

View of the installation


Ylvis Lindenbaum (born 1991, Riga / Latvia) is member of the artistic staff at the Institute of Art and Material Culture of the Department of Painting, Digital and Expanded Painting at TU Dortmund University, which is headed by Prof. Tillmann Damrau. In addition to his studies in art at TU Dortmund University, which he completed in 2019 with a focus on painting, he also studied free art with Gregor Schneider at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 2018 to 2023. As a founding member of the artist group Neuer Graben, he won the Art Award in 2013 and the Special Mural Award of the TU Dortmund in 2018. Most recently, his works were on display in Dortmund in 2021 (GO LOCAL – Künstlerhaus Dortmund), in Stuttgart in 2020 (Dialogue with Youth – AKKU project space) and in Berlin in 2019 (* – Projektraum Bethanien). Furthermore, in 2019 the artist worked as set designer for the Milano Design Week for Alex Chinneck and in 2016 he developed murals for the sporting goods manufacturer Nike in the context of the Furniture Fair ibidem.