The exhibition will take place in Tuttlingen from 20 to 28 October 2023. The Biennale is aimed at visual artists from the region, but also at national and international interested parties.

There is a jury prize endowed with 2000 euros.

The jury consists of:

Works are accepted that, in one way or another, place animated imagery (like computer animation, stop motion or other means of animated pictures) in the context of a space-based installation. Preference will be given to works that seek to address issues relevant to contemporary society.

We have fixed premises in Tuttlingen. Depending on the size and needs of the exhibition, it is possible to add other rooms. We can provide some of the equipment (projector, screens, sound), but we are also happy to provide infrastructural support, depending on the requirements and effort involved. For simpler installations, set-up by the KUKAV is possible according to instructions. Set-up will take place in the week before the exhibition, from 14 to 19 October. We will work closely with the artists to find a solution for each work we take in.

Submission until: June 30th 2023.

Project executing agency: KUKAV e.V. Tuttlingen

Promoted by Freiräume (Kulturförderung des Landes BW)

In cooperation with the Art Gallery of the City of Tuttlingen